July 2016 – Report to Market Deeping Town Council

Here is my monthly District Councillor’s report presented to Market Deeping Town Council on 13th July, 2016.  (I sent apologies to the meeting. My daughter was cramming for a violin exam and I was her chauffeur!).

SKDC Full Council (16th June)

A lot of this meeting was devoted to prayers or rather discussion of how and when to pray at Council meetings. It also discussed the Council’s corporate plan 2016-2020. I commented that the plan has very few specific mentions of the Deepings.

The meeting was also the first time for many years that Councillors have been allowed to ask open questions of the Executive. I was honoured to ask the first question which was to Cllr Terl Bryant and concerned the Deepings Library. Supplementary questions are not allowed but I was pleased that Cllr Dilks and Cllr Judy Stephens later asked questions of Cllr Bob Adams on the same topic.


Shareholder Committee Training (4th July)

The Council plans to form a Local Authority Controlled Company later this year. Initially the remit will concern the purchase, letting, sale, refurbishment and perhaps building of social housing. Once established it may diversify into other areas in order to generate profits to subsidise local services.


Communities PDG (7th July)

This meeting concerned the forthcoming review of the Council’s Housing Strategy and other closely related issues.



I am campaigning against the proposal for an elected mayor which would be unaccountable, impractical and expensive. I have so far voiced this opinion at SKDC, on Facebook, three local newspapers, BBC Radio Lincolnshire and of course via the current LCC consultation on the issue which continues til August 8th.


Wildflowers and play equipment

Following e-mail exchanges with District Council colleagues, Cllr Nick Neilson has suggested we extend the consultation about establishing wildflower areas around the town. I think this might usefully be combined with a consultation about play equipment in the Deepings. I suggested this to MDTC planning and highways last week who suggested it be accommodated within the forthcoming Neighbourhood Plan consultation on Leisure facilities. I agree with this proposal as it will reduce the number of consultations and hopefully improve overall participation.


Local Plan

A local plan stakeholder consultation will take place at the community centre next Tuesday 19th July. All are welcome. It is an opportunity to affect which sites in the District are earmarked for development.


As ever, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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