Nov 2015 – Report to Market Deeping Town Council

Here is my District Councillor’s report for the November 2015 meeting of MDTC.

  • Spalding Transport Conference 16/10/2015
    I attended this event alongside Cllr Neilson and found it very informative. Richard Wills, a senior manager from LCC delivered one of the presentations and I asked him about the future of subsidies for local bus services. He claimed no decision will be made until February but across his budgets he has been asked to project the impact of cuts of 25% and 40% so it’s likely some services will be cut. I also asked him about Tallington Crossing and he said that as neither LCC nor Network Rail have any spare resources it is unlikely the Tallington Bridge scheme will go ahead unless on the back of a housing development scheme.
    I am sure any questions on this can be answered by Cllr Neilson
  • Deepings Police Neighbourhood Forum 19/10/2015
    This was very interesting as it was attended by the Lincs PCC, Alan Hardwick. He told us that PCSOs and police will soon be able once again to issue Fixed Penalty Notices for parking. I am sure any questions on the forum can be answered by Cllr Sked (esp as I had to leave before the end.
  • Langtoft Parish Council 20/10/2015
    I attended the first hour of this meeting in my capacity as a nosey parker.
  • SKDC
    There have been no formal SKDC meetings for me to attend since the last MDTC meeting. A working group meeting on waste took place last week but I was only given 4 days notice and it was unfortunately during the daytime in Grantham so I couldn’t make it.. SKDC Full Council is scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday 12th September).
  • Deepings Library
    Finally it appears we have found a solution to the library situation. The Deepings Community Trust and the Friends have found a workable partnership and we are now at the stage of sorting out the leases and the financial management arrangements. Many thanks are due to the Town Council for sticking with the campaign throughout and for stepping up with the cash now that it is (almost) needed. I am sure any questions on this can be answered by Cllr Shelton.
  • Biodiversity
    Working with District Council colleagues, Cllr Broughton and Cllr Neilson, I am trying to persuade SKDC Grounds Maintenance to alter their mowing regime slightly in order to create one or more mini ‘set-asides’ around the town to encourage the birds and the bees and flora in fauna to complement the excellent MDTC work in the Rectory Paddock. The most likely pilot site will be somewhere near the top of Tattershall. The next step is probably to meet SKDC at the potential site and for MDTC amenities to consider and hopefully support the idea. I am sure any questions on this can be answered by Cllr Neilson and/or Cllr Broughton.

As ever, if anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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