November 2016 – Report to Market Deeping Town Council

Report to MDTC Full Council 9th November 2016

–Development Control 18th October–
I was pleased to join Cllr Redshaw, Cllr Brookes and other members of the public in requesting the Development Control ctte refer the Larkfleet Plans until they have been radically revised to take into account the view of the Town Council and the local population. I believe the slightly revised plans will be considered by SKDC next Tuesday 15th November.-

–SKDC Full Council meeting 24th October–
The Extraordinary meeting was organised in order to allow adequate discussion and consideration of the Government’s proposals for a Combined Mayoral Authority.
Various issues were discussed including the potential financial benefit compared with the likely cost but the most significant stumbling block for most councillors was the imposition of a new tier of local government under the supervision of a Directly Elected Mayor. Along with many others, I argued that a directly elected mayor would not improve either the transparency, accountable or democracy of decision making in Lincolnshire.
I was delighted when the proposal was defeated by 28 votes to 17. Many of the Conservatives voted against the proposals although all the Executive members voted for the proposals and so did most of the Committee Chairs.

–SKDC Executive 7th November–
Rumours circulated that the SKDC Executive were considering ignoring the public consultation and votes of Full Council and planned to sign up to devolution any way. Consequently I joined with Independent, Labour and backbench Tory councillors in addressing the Executive to urge them not to back devolution without: a) significant changes to the proposals; and b) more consultation with Councillors and/or the public. I am happy to report that this time all the Executive members against the devolution proposals.

–Future meetings–
Next week I plan to attend the SKDC Full Council as well as the Communities PDG.

As ever, if anyone needs any more information, please do not hesitate to let me know.

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