SK Today – Spring 2018

Here is the text of an e-mail I have just sent to the South Kesteven’s Communications Team regarding the recent edition of SK Today

“Dear [name redacted],

Today I received a bundle of marketing leaflets dropped through my letterbox and I was busily taking them straight to my recycling bin (provided by SKDC) when I noticed the Spring edition of SK Today was buried among them. Obviously I dropped everything and sat down for a good read.

I suspect a vast number of people in Market Deeping and West Deeping will be delighted with the two-page spread about Wyndham Park (in Grantham) and the two-page spread about the Gravity Fields festival planned for later this year in Grantham. I do hope you will find space for an update on these two stories later in the year!

And then there’s news of Grantham’s Southern Relief Road; and Grantham’s new cinema operator; and Grantham’s struggling hospital; and everything that’s happening at the Meres Centre in Grantham.

I’m particularly interested in the Christchurch Grantham Arts Break Out event. It appears to be a community event with no link to the Council. I’m all for this sort of story in SK Today although slightly bewildered as I have been previously been told by Cllr Goral that “…we don’t use council resource to promote non council events in Grantham, Bourne or Stamford, we don’t promote non council events in The Deepings.”  Can you explain the link between the Council and the ‘Arts Break Out’ as the weblink provided for more information is very short on detail.

The two-page spread on the RAF would be more interesting if it mentioned either of the two war-time airfields in the Deepings.

A fascinating column about markets although no mention of Market Deeping’s existing market or the plans for a Saturday market in the town.

My personal highlight of this edition though, is at the bottom of page 7 where I have found what I think is the single solitary mention of Market Deeping. It’s good to know we’re not completely forgotten even if we have to share our sentence with Stamford, Grantham and Horbling!

Apologies if I sound narky but we have been having this conversation for well over a year now with precious little evidence of progress.

Kind regards,

Cllr Ashley Baxter

Market & West Deeping


***Update: The Communications team has replied and I have published their response here***

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