Charter Trustees Meeting – 10th January, 2018


Minutes of the Budget Meeting held Thursday 11th January 2018 at 7pm in The Mayor’s Parlour.

Members present

Cllr Mike Cook – Chairperson

Cllr Lynda Coutts

Cllr Linda Wootten

Cllr Nikki Manterfield

Cllr Adam Stokes

Cllr Ray Wootten

Cllr Ian Selby

Cllr Jacky Smith

Cllr Frank Turner

Cllr Graham Jeal

Cllr Charmaine Morgan

Members of the Public

Tracey Davies – Grantham Journal

1. Apologies

Cllr Felicity Cunningham

Cllr Helen Goral

Cllr Dean Ward

2.  Minutes of AGM 17th January 2017

True record of the meeting proposed by Adam Stokes

Seconded by Ray Wootten

3. Matters Arising

Item 9 AOB – the Belvoir Hunt

Cllr Ray Wootten was pleased we welcomed the Hunt and it was a success

Two items of correspondence received by the Mayor, both congratulatory; one from Lady Sarah McCorquodale and a further 2 emails complimenting us on how well the Hunt was received.

Cllr Graham Jeal joined the meeting

There had been a discussion regarding the suspension of the Hunt Meet, however it was decided to continue the tradition for this year.

Voted – accepted with 1 abstention.

4. Election of Mayor 2018/19

Cllr Jacky Smith nominated Cllr Lynda Coutts, seconded by Cllr Frank Turner

Voted – Cllr Lynda Coutts elected Mayor 2018/19

5. Election of Deputy Mayor 2018/19

Cllr Ray Wootten nominated Cllr Niki Manterfield, seconded by Cllr Adam Stokes

Voted – Cllr Niki Manterfield elected Deputy Mayor 2018/19

Cllr Charmaine Morgan joined the meeting.

5a. Accounts

Discussion regarding the availability of accounts, currently published every 3 months. Incoming Mayor to decide as to how she will present them.

Telephone and Broadband expenses explained – changed from BT to Kinex.

6. Adoption of Precept

Incoming Mayor to set Precept rather than the outgoing Mayor

Cllr Adam Stokes gave projected figures for the 2018/19.

Discussion regarding the Precept.

Precept 2018/19                                         Precept 2017/18

Salaries – £23, 460                                          £23,000

Hospitality – £3,200                                       £3,000

Car – £3,500                                                       £2,500

Public Liability – £3,000                                 £3,300

Telephone – £750                                              £750

Postage – £750                                                   £750

Allowances – £3,600                                        £3,600

Alarm – £330                                                     £350

Audit – £500                                                      £500

Regalia – £375                                                   £500

Association – £150                                          £150

Rent – £5,700                                                    £5,700

Sundries – £685                                               £500

Total £46,000                                       Total £44,850

Precept of £46,000 proposed by Cllr Jacky Smith, seconded by Cllr Frank Turner.

Voted – precept requested for £46,000

6. Any Other Business

Cllr Charmaine Morgan gave an update regarding Grantham Hospital.

Discussion regarding the Clerks hours of working and duties.

Cllr Ray Wootten asked as to where his Consort badge was.  Explanation given that is being looked at and will be ordered soon.

Cllr Graham Jeal suggested a further meeting be held to discuss the proposals of a Town Council and other bodies.

The meeting closed at 8.09pm

3 thoughts on “Charter Trustees Meeting – 10th January, 2018

  1. The figure of £3000 in the expenses, is that for public liability insurance ? If so I would very much like to see if it was used for the Boxing Day ‘event’ in Grantham and indeed was it correct and fit for pupose. How would I go about looking at that Ashley ?

    • The Clerk to the Trustees would have the detail and because it is public money it would be reasonable for residents to ask questions about how it is spent. I think it would be difficult seperate out the additional cost (if any) of the Boxing Day event. I would guess the insurance also covers equipment, regalia, staff, etc. Market Deeping Town Council’s insurance cost is slightly higher but in the same ball-park. They would seem to have far more staff and assets but obviously a different postcode so it wouldn’t be a like-for-like comparison.

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