Charter Trustees Meeting – 25th May, 2017


Meeting Thursday, 25th May 2017 (Mayor Making Ceremony)

1. Members present         Councillor     Linda Wootten, Chairman

“                  Mike Cook

“                   Lynda Coutts

“                   Felicity Cunningham

“                   Charmaine Morgan

“                   Ian Selby

“                   Adam Stokes

“                   Frank Turner

“                   Ray Wootten

The following official guests also attended:

The proceedings commenced with a Blessing from the Reverend David Shenton

1. To elect the new Town Mayor

The Chairman went through the formality of asking for nominations for the post of Mayor. Cllr. RW proposed Cllr. Mike Cook; the proposal was seconded by Cllr. IS.

There were no other nominations and the Charter Trustees unanimously agreed with the nomination of Cllr. Cook.

Then followed Cllr. nomination speech:

Following tradition the newly appointed Mayor was dragged from the Chamber by Cllr. assisted by Cllr. the Robing Room amongst much hilarity from the guests.

The Chairman then told the story to the assembled guests of why the new Mayor is reluctantly dragged to the Robing Room. Cllr. Wootten also spoke about the Seal dating from the reign of Queen Elizabeth I

2. The New Town Mayor continued with the agenda

After returning to the Chamber and being presented with the Chain of Office & Grantham Seal by the Chairman the new Mayor gave a speech:

The next item on the Agenda is for a vote of thanks for our retiring Mayor who has worked tirelessly over the last year.

Cllr.Wootten gave a vote of thanks to the retiring Mayor. Seconded by Cllr.

3. Retiring Mayor’s Reply

Cllr. Wootten gave her retiring speech stating it had been a pleasure and great honour to serve as Mayor of Grantham.

4. Presentation of Past Mayor’s Badges

Cllr. Mike Cook presented the ‘Past Mayor’s’ badge to the retiring Mayor. Flowers were also presented.

5.  New Deputy Town Mayor

Cllr. Linda Wootten asked for nominations for the post of Deputy Mayor.

Cllr. Ray Wooten congratulated the new Mayor on her appointment and nominated Cllr. Mike Cook as the new Deputy Mayor. This was seconded by Cllr. Ian Selby

There were no other nominations.

Cllr. Mike Cook will be the new Deputy Mayor & was presented with his badge of office by the new Mayor.

Cllr. Wootten said that they would work together to uphold the office of Mayor in the coming year.

6. Deputy Town Mayor’s thanks

Cllr. Linda Wootten then presented Cllr. Ray Wootten with his Consort’s badge.

7. Introduction of new Cadets

Cllr. Wootten presented her new Cadets with their medallions.

Police Cadet, Poppy Thorpe

CCF Cadet, Aaron Trevor

47F Cadet, Warrant Francesca Morley

The minutes of the meeting for the last AGM on Thursday, 28th May 2015 were approved. Proposed by Cllr. Adam Stokes and seconded by Cllr. Ray Wootten.

8. Date of next AGM/Mayor Making Ceremony

Thursday, 31st May 2018

10. End of Meeting

Cllr. Cook thanked all for attending and invited everyone over to Grantham Museum for a buffet.

The meeting closed at 7.35pm

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