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An educational visit for SKDC Councillors

Rural OSCOn Monday 27th November, a delegation of South Kesteven District Councillors were given a tour of the Deepings. It was led by Coun Ashley Baxter who represents the Market and West Deeping ward. He was supported by Coun Phil Dilks and Coun Judy Stevens who both represent the neighbouring ward of Deeping St James.


The tour was organised at the request of the Chair of the District Council, Coun Bob Sampson. He was accompanied by members of the Council’s Rural Overview and Scrutiny Committee. While visiting diverse areas of the Deepings, the Councillors gained an understanding of various issues across the Deepings including public open spaces, leisure facilities, traffic and the local economy. It is hoped that the visit, which is one of a number taking place across the District, will help inform decision-making about services the Council provides.


Coun Baxter comments “There are many facilities in the Deepings which are a real practical benefit to local residents. These include Deepings Lakes nature reserve, the exotic pet refuge, the library,  Jubilee Park and the Mill Field open space, not to mention a panoply of local employers thriving in diverse economic sectors. The visit was an opportunity to educate some of the Councillors who are relatively unfamiliar with the strengths and opportunities within the Deepings.”


Coun Baxter continues: “I was particularly pleased to organise the visit here in the Deepings as only last week the Full Council supported my initiative to hold more committee meetings at locations outside of the Grantham offices.”


The councillors were transported by the Deepings Age Concern minibus. As a token of gratitude, the Council will make a small contribution towards the ongoing campaign towards a more modern vehicle. The councillors concluded their visit with a round table discussion at the Deepings Community Centre.

Deepings Leisure Forum – Dec 2nd 2017

Press Release
(For immediate release)

A District Councillor in the Deepings is urging residents to air their views about leisure facilities in the Deepings. A public forum will take place on Saturday 2nd December between 10.00am and 1.00pm. It will be hosted by the Deepings Leisure Centre and attended by representatives of South Kesteven District Council as well as staff from the centre which is managed by the 1Life leisure company.

The centre is used by thousands of people every week for a wide variety of sports. There are over a thousand children enroled in the weekly swim-schools and swimmers from Deepings Swimming Club have recently competed at British and European Championships. The centre also hosts a thriving Tang Soo Do martial arts club whose students compete at an international level.

Coun Ashley Baxter, who represents the Market and West Deeping ward at South Kesteven, comments: “My family use the Deepings Leisure Centre regularly for swimming, badminton and fitness events. It is one of the busiest and most popular leisure centres in the District. In recent years it has improved significantly but frequent comments on social media suggest some people have ideas for making the centre even better. I suggest some of these keyboard warriors come along to the forum and speak directly to the people responsible for the centre and its activities”.

The forum will also present an opportunity to hear more about the proposed new leisure centre planned for the Deepings which is expected to be in construction by 2020.