Agenda for next week’s @southkesteven full council.

Just the 274 pages this month (plus Local Plan appendix)

All 56 Councillors have been sent these documents, mostly through the post. The documents include the entire Local Plan which is quite a handy document to have on the shelf although it would be more useful as a separate distinct document.

The late Cllr Terl Bryant, back in November, did question the Leader on the volume of paper:

“Members’ Open Questions –

Question 3

Councillor Bryant referred to the inclusion of Cabinet reports and minutes in the Council agenda and the amount of paper that was used as a result. He highlighted that the information was already available, speculated about the number of people who read the full pack of documents and asked whether it was necessary.

The Leader stated that he was attempting to make sure that information was available to all Councillors, whether or not they chose to read it.”

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