The England bandwagon

This is the text of a letter about Nick Boles latest campaign that I sent to the Stamford Mercury earlier this week…

Dear Editor

Nobody is surprised to hear Nick Boles MP calling for people to fly England flags. He is famous for leaping aboard every passing bandwagon so why not the world cup? It is a convenient distraction from the Tories ongoing imbroglio over Brexit. However, I am surprised Mr Boles chose to be photographed with a tourist flag embellished with words, a crest and an inexplicable star rather than a proper England flag. The latter is a plain red cross on a plain white background known as the St George’s cross and named after a roman soldier who became a Christian martyr but never set foot in our green and pleasant land. A true patriot would surely be aware of that! Come on, England!

Yours etc,

Ashley Baxter

Nick Boles MP partially hidden behind a flag based loosely on the design of the England flag.

2 thoughts on “The England bandwagon

  1. This is the guy who was quoted in The Stamford Mercury saying he would do everything in his power to keep Bourne Wood open and free for the public. He then voted to sell off all the publicly owned forests, including the one at Bourne.

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