Football’s coming home so let’s get the fire going!


The beacon at Jubilee Park

Back in February 2014 I was already dreaming of world cup victory and anticipating victory I proposed to Deeping St James Parish Council that they should light the Jubilee park Beacon if and when England reach the World Cup final. The Parish Council, anticipating no expenditure and no action that year, passed the motion unanimously. It generated a little bit of positive publicity for the village including, for me, an appearance on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire’s sports programme (They haven’t asked me for any sporting opinions since!).



Thanks to Iceland, we didn’t make to the final in 2014 but perhaps tonight’s the night. With it being the second Wednesday of the month, Market Deeping Town Council will be hosting it’s monthly meeting at the Town Hall. So even though I have the opportunity to watch a thrilling, nail-biting display of team-work, split-second decision-making, sportsmanship and dramatic resolutions which could make us all proud of our representatives,… I’ve decided to watch the football instead!

Come on England!


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