West Deeping Parish Council Agenda – 24th September 2018

3 thoughts on “West Deeping Parish Council Agenda – 24th September 2018

  1. That is a very poor agenda, and certainly does not comply with LALC’s guidance.
    What exactly are they going to discuss? How can the Councillors possibly prepare properly when they dont know what to prepare for?
    Any Other Business should not appear on any Council agenda.
    I’m intreagued by item 10. “Former West Deeping Canal”. I didnt know they had one. I know there was a “Stamford Welland Canal”. Is that what they are referring to?

    • They have a relatively new Clerk who is trying his best on very few hours and money. He perhaps hasn’t yet reached the model of organisational efficiency one has come to expect of Deeping St James PC which is, after all, the largest village in Lincolnshire.

  2. In that case i accept the mitigating circumstances. I hope he gets the training and support he needs and wish him well for the future. Its a difficult job to do.
    I’d be quite happy to show him some pointers.

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