Charter Trustees Meeting – 24th October, 2018



24TH OCTOBER 2018 – 7PM


Mayor Lynda Coutts Charmaine Morgan

Deputy Mayor Nicola Manterfield Adam Stokes

Felicity Cunningham

Linda Wootten

Ray Wootten

Also attended by the Belvoir Hunt

Mr James Knight – Chairman and Mr William Hurrell


Graham Jeal Mike Cook

Jacky Smith Frank Turner

Ian Selby



1. The Belvoir Hunt attended the meeting to put forward their case with regards to the Boxing Day Meet outside the Parlour on 26th December 2018.

2. After their views were put forward by the Belvoir Hunt they then left so that the Meeting could commence by the Charter Trustees.  AS left the meeting due to feeling ill.  Unfortunately, it had been AS that had had the meeting with Mr Gadd.  Mr Gadd’s e-mails were shown to the Charter Trustees.  It was said by ET that all of Mr Gadd’s e-mails had been answered to the best of our knowledge but that it didn’t matter how many e-mails were answered he just kept coming up with more questions.

3. Lynda Coutts opened the meeting with regards to the meeting of the Hunt on Boxing Day 2018.

4. NM stated that she was at first opposed to the Meeting of the Hunt on Boxing Day due to the anti-hunt protesters.  But on having assurances from the Belvoir Hunt prior to the meeting stated that we would have to take the Hunt at face value and that the meet on Boxing Day should go ahead.  This was agreed by others at the meeting including the Mayor Lynda Coutts with the proviso that there would be no trouble.

5. CM stated that the meeting should have been an open meeting so that both parties could put forward their cases as to why the Hunt should or should not go ahead. CM also stated that she does not disagree with Trail Hunts. NM suggested that we should Greet the Hunt on this occasion and do as CM suggests should we have to go through this again.  RW then asked if the Mayor LC  would Greet the Hunt, to which LC said she would on this occasion but only if there was going to be no trouble.

6. LW said that this was a yearly event which only lasts a short time for showing off the riders, horses and dogs and that there were also people in Grantham that liked to come and watch the event.

7. LW then asked about the staff i.e., would they be working or would they be on strike.  NM said to LW “why don’t you ask them they are sat behind you.  AT stated that he had always said that he would follow the Mayor’s instructions.  LW said what if the Mayor changes her mind?  It was agreed that this was irrelevant as the Mayor had already stated that she would greet the Hunt.

Meeting Closed at 8.15pm

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