Charter Trustees Meeting – 12th July 2018


12TH JULY 2018 – 7PM


Lynda Coutts Adam Stokes

Ian Selby Mike Cook

Jacky Smith Graham Jeal

Linda Wootten Felicity Cunningham

Ray Wootten


Nicola Manterfield (holiday)

Charmaine Morgan

Frank Turner


1. Minutes of Last Meeting

The Mayor Lynda Coutts asked if there were any comments with regards to the previous meeting that was held on 2nd May 2018.

2. Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved.

3. Accounts

ET asked if everyone was happy with the accounts being sent monthly and that they were happy with the contents of the accounts.  LW asked if we could clarify what went under miscellaneous on the accounts.  ET said that it was anything that could not be put under a specific category i.e., dry cleaning etc.  GJ asked what certain amounts in the Miscellaneous column were for.  ET said she would check after the meeting what they were for and let everyone know.   LW also asked why petrol came under Petty Cash and not Car.  ET explained that if we had a Fuel Card we could put the petrol under the Car section but because we do not it has to come out of Petty Cash as this is not paid by cheque.  Ellen to look into whether it would pay to get a fuel card.

ET also stated that the bank have lost the documents with regards to the On Line Banking and that a copy of that document has been taken to the bank and  we should hopefully be live with the On Line Banking within 10 working days.

Also we have received a VAT Rebate of £1,886.81 which went into our account on 20th June 2018.

4. Charter Trustees and the Future

MC said that at one time the Charter Trustee meetings were held quarterly and that this does not  seem to be happening now and that at one stage there used to be a good attendance but now it just seems to be the same group of people in attendance.  GJ said that the Charter Trustees cannot be forced to attend meetings and that maybe we should look into why they are not attending. MC said that Charter Trustees need to remember that they are  accountable to the public.  IS said that he didn’t used to attend meetings in the past due to constant squabbling and bickering.

MC also mentioned lack of response by Charter Trustees for non-attendance.  MC said that it is not acceptable to simply not respond or put an apology forward. JS said that it would be a good idea to contact individual Charter Trustees and ask them if  there any specific days or dates on which they would be able to attend and also was there any particular reason for non-attendance.

ET said she would e-mail individuals and ask that question and also request a READ on the e-mail so that we know that the message has been received.  If there isn’t a READ accepted then ET will telephone that person to check that their e-mail has not been changed.  IS said that he always tries to attend Civic Events but has been disappointed in the past with people reserving the Civic Seats and then not attending which has left people standing at the back of the Church when they could have had a seat.  LC said you cannot drag people to these events but that those who don’t attend should have enough respect to respond.  An argument between MC and RW with regards to non-response to invitations ensued.  RW showed LC an e-mail apologising for not being able to attend MC’s Charity Cheque Day and asked if LC accepted that he had sent that e-mail.  LC accepted this.  JS said that there was obviously some miscommunication with regards to this and MC agreed.  IS asked if it would be a good idea to have a Register of Key Events and who attends and who doesn’t attend.  IS proposed and RW seconded.  It was then put to a vote and the majority agreed with this proposal.  GJ was concerned that we only have one Office member of staff and felt it would be a waste of time doing a Register.  GJ was then told by other Charter Trustees that he had been out-voted.  LW stated that there are Charter Trustees that do not attend because they didn’t feel welcome.  LC asked if LW could clarify this.  LW said that she couldn’t speak for others.

5. The Hunt

LC stated that as discussed previously, she did not intend the hounds to be muzzled on Boxing Day and that this was a suggestion that she put forward for muzzling hounds on the day of the hunt.  LC mentioned a news article with regards to SM pressurising Magistrates into making lighter sentences for the two accused men.   This didn’t seem to be answered.  LW said that The Hunt is tradition and we should just get on with it.  LW said at the hunt you have a role to play as Mayor and any comments that are made, you just need to put them behind you.  LC asked what about hunt saboteurs.  FC said “don’t worry about them, we’ll deal with them”.  IS said that a lot of people approve of the hunt and that the Mayor is there to represent Grantham.  RW asked if LC still wanted to support the Hunt.  LC said “yes”.  RW also said that in the past if the Mayor didn’t want to represent the Hunt then it should go to the Deputy Mayor and they didn’t want to do, go down the appropriate line so that the Hunt is represented by the Mayor’s Office.  IS said that the Hunt should be represented by the Mayor’s Office and that a lot of good can   go towards the Mayor’s nominated charties.

MC said that if the Hunt comes up for debate then the Charter Trustees should support the Mayor.  This was proposed and seconded.

6. Regalia and Flags

IS said that there are only 2 Mayoral Chains with a Coat of Arms, one of them being ours and that this is priceless for the Town of Grantham and although it is made of Gilt it would be a great loss to the Town of Grantham if it were to be lost or stolen.   IS suggested that for security reasons we get a quote for having a duplicate chain made so that the original would only be used at certain occasions.  This was proposed by IS but not seconded.

LW also suggested that we get the Chain re-gilted and mounted on velvet and also with a proper carrying box.  It was proposed and seconded to get a quote.  LW suggested Fatterini’s  ET will also get a quote for this.  In the end this was voted on for both quotes and the majority voted to get a quotes on both of the above.

7. Civic Services

The Mayor Lynda Coutts Civic Service will be held on the 4th November 2018 at St Wulfram’s Church at 11am and afterwards at the King’s School.  ET has given the Invitations out to all present at the meeting.

Father Stuart asked if it would be better in the future to book St Wulfram’s Church on an ongoing basis i.e., the first Sunday in July of each year so that the Civic Service can be organised well in advance and without the hassle of trying to arrange a suitable date for ourselves and his obligations.  It was agreed by all that this would be a good idea.  ET will speak to Father Stuart and get this arranged on the basis that the Mayor of the time would want to hold his or her Civic Service at St Wulfram’s..

8. Car

It mentioned whether we should considered buying a new vehicle from KIA

It was unanimously voted that the agreement with KIA should stay the same.

9. Charity Events

The Mayors Charities are:-

Anthony Nolan

Parkinsons UK (Grantham Branch)

Talking Newspapers

British Legion

The Coffee Mornings are still ongoing on the third Thursday of each month.

Godfrey has arranged a Concert to be held in the Concert Room here on 8th March 2019 at the cost of £12.00 a ticket.

We thought a quiz night could be arranged and also Andy suggested a bowling competition.

10. Any Other Business

No other business.


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