Art for art’s sake…

An SKDC press release today announced a public consultation on the arts…

“Groups and individuals with an interest in arts, heritage, culture and all manner of creative activities are being invited to help develop South Kesteven District Council’s new cultural strategy.

The public engagement process will begin in the four market towns with a series of meetings for stakeholders and strategic partners, starting in Stamford on 23 January.

Initially these meetings will be by invitation only, but a wider programme of consultation – both online and face-to-face – will be introduced throughout the spring and early summer.

SKDC officers, working with colleagues within InvestSK, will lead the meetings to discuss the cultural sector and celebrate the vital role that arts and heritage play in the district’s economic development.

The meetings will explore SK’s current cultural landscape, identifying priorities for future delivery, considering resource implications, recognising challenges and discovering opportunities.

Any arts or heritage practitioner or local group wishing to attend the initial meetings can register an interest to attend. Places are free but limited so do please get in touch as soon as possible.

Register or express an interest in being involved by contacting Michael Cross (Heads of Arts for InvestSK) by email or by calling 07966 299400.

Dates for the sessions are:

Stamford Arts Centre Ballroom – 23 January 2019 7pm-9pm

Grantham Guildhall Arts Centre – 29 January 2019 7pm-9pm

Ballroom Bourne Corn Exchange – 31 January 2019 7pm-9pm

The Deepings – Oddfellows Hall, Market Deeping – 12 February 2019 7pm-9pm


3 thoughts on “Art for art’s sake…

  1. What is the definition and boundaries of art, heritage and culture?
    Here in the Deepings we have a Q Standard Butcher, a great independant baker, Deeping Fudge, Swinesmeadow Garden Centre and two independant breweries. We are also surrounded by farmers producing top class vegetables and meat. Not to mention award winning fish and chips.
    Add to all this local musicians and singers and performers.
    Put them all together and we could have a wonderful Lincolnshire Day Festival on 1st October annually showcasing the best the Deepings can offer.
    The location of the Deepings is ideal being on the edge of SKDC. It will attract visitors from Peterborough and South Holland, and other places outside, as well as attracting others from within SKDC..
    I think its a great idea, but needs support from SKDC to move it forward.

    Whag do you think?

      • Thank you Ashley. Its an idea that I have thought about and developed over many months. I want to see it happen and any help will be appreciated.
        We have the business partners in the Deepings, we also have the venues. We just need help with funding and organisation.
        It would be good to have Lincolnshire Flags everywhere. Possibly a Lincolnshire produce market.
        We coukd encouragd local hostelries to serve Lincolnshire beers fir the weekend.
        Ressurect the Deepings Feast.
        There is so much potential we need to do it first

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