Charter Trustees Meeting – 10th July, 2019






Members present

Mayor Cllr Adam Stokes Chairperson
Deputy Mayor Cllr Dean Ward
Cllr Jacky Smith
Cllr Annie Mason
Cllr Ray Wootten
Cllr Hilary Westropp
Cllr Adam Stokes (Sic)
Cllr Graham Jeal

Members of the Public

Cllr Linda Wootten
2 Members of the Public


Mayors Welcome to the Meeting
Accounts to be Passed for Year Ending March 2019
Mayor’s Car

1. Welcome

The Mayor Adam Stokes welcomed the Charter Trustees and the Members of the public to the meeting.

2. Apologies

Nicola Manterfield

3. Minutes of 7th May 2019

The minutes were agreed and passed.  AS proposed and RW seconded. (DeepingDo comment: This suggests the minutes of the 23rd January have still not been ratified!)

4. Lease

AS said that the SKDC have sent a Lease with new Terms and Conditions for the Parlour. AS asked all present to read through the Lease.  RW asked if the Parlour will continue to be Leased to the Parlour (sic).  AS said that it would and would be on a 5 year basis.  RW proposed and JS seconded.

5. Accounts

AS asked if everyone was happy to pass the accounts.  GJ asked if AS was happy to do this and the accounts were passed.  They were proposed and then seconded by JS.

6. Mayor’s Car

AS stated that after 4 years KIA will no longer be able to lend us a vehicle.  He said that we have had 4 good years and are very grateful to them.  AS said that he is sending a    letter of thanks to KIA and will also make a press statement of thanks to them.  RW    suggested that we set up a small working group so that they can put their heads  together to come up with a solution for getting a new vehicle.  The working group will be AS, DW, RW and JS.  HW asked how many miles we do a year and AS said that it was  around 4,000 to 5,000 miles.  RW asked what we are doing in the meantime.  JS said that we could share a vehicle.  RW agreed with this.  GJ said that this was               sensible and asked when we would be getting a new vehicle.  AS said hopefully we  will get this sorted over the next week.  RW asked what the Reserve Amount is at present and AS said it is around £15,000.

Meeting ended at 7.10pm

Dated of next meeting to be agreed.

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