AGM of the Association of Charter Trustee Towns – 16th June, 2017



Minutes of the 42nd Annual General Meeting held at

The Mayor’s Parlour, Guildhall, St. Peter’s Hill, Grantham, Lincs

on Friday 16th June 2017 at 11am.

Welcome by the Mayor of Grantham Cllr. Mike Cook who thanked all for attending

Present were – Cllr. Jim Anderson (East Retford) Chair

Cllr. Mike Cook, Mayor of Grantham

Cllr. Helen Richards, Mayor of Retford

Cllr. Linda Coutts, Deputy Mayor of Grantham

Cllr. Alan Chambers, East Retford

Cllr. Tim Ball, Bath

Cllr. Fliss Cunningham, Grantham

Cllr. Ian Selby, Grantham

Cllr. Frank Turner, Grantham

Cllr. Linda Wootten, Grantham

2. Apologies

Charles Talbot

Keith Bannister

3. The Minutes of the 41st AGM held at East Retford Notts on 10.06.17 were received and agreed.

4a. The Audited Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2017 were received and agreed. Balance of £529.57

Mayor of Grantham asked as to when the subscriptions were due.

Chair replied subscriptions are due following the AGM. If we agree that we ask for subscriptions this year the secretary will write to each Charter Trustee and ask for their subscriptions.

4b. Set subscription amount as £150 as the balance is low. Suggested set at £150 as the books will balance at this amount. Money is received from 11 Charter Trustees , however there are more, 17 or 18 towns could choose to have Charter Trustees.

Subscription set at £150 per member per year – agreed.

Discussion regarding how many Charter Trustees there were, whether they join or not and what is and how Honoraria is paid – Secretary and Treasurer receive Honoraria.

Chair will endeavour to report to all as to how much Honoraria is per person

6. Election of Officers

Chairman               Cllr. Jim Anderson, East Retford.

Vice- Chairman       Cllr Alan Chambers, East Retford.

Vice- Presidents      Mr Phillip Barnett, Newbury and Mrs Kate Gray, Beverley.

Vote taken on Mr Charles Talbot and Mr Keith Bannister becoming Vice – Presidents which was agreed.

Nominations for Honorary Secretary – none

Nominations for Honorary Treasurer – none

Nominations for Auditor – none

There has to be a Secretary, Treasurer and Auditor

7. Date and Venue for the Annual General Meeting 2018.

Proposal to move the AGM to September, October – agreed.

Proposal for the AGM at Bath in late September, early October – agreed.

8. Any Other Business


Meeting Closed at 11.32am

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