Charter Trustees Meeting – 12th September, 2017

Grantham Charter Trustees Meeting Tuesday 12th September 2017

Members present

Cllr Mike Cook
Cllr Lynda Coutts
Cllr Fliss Cunningham
Cllr Graham Jeal
Cllr Frank Turner
Cllr Charmaine Morgan


1. Mayor’s Welcome

The Mayor thanked all the Councillors for attending the meeting and clarified the position of the Charter Trustees in discussing matters pertinent to the Town of Grantham.

Approval was sought and given for the minutes of the last meeting in the precis form, rather than the long hand version.

2. Apologies

Cllr Adam Stokes

Cllr Ray Wootten

Cllr Ian Selby

Cllr Linda Wootten

Cllr Jacky Smith

Cllr Niki Manterfield

Cllr Tracey Forman

3. Minutes of Meeting held 27th June 2017

Apologies from the Mayor with regards the lengthy set of minutes, however a precis had been completed with the electronic version available on the computer. The Mayor read out the minutes and all agreed that they were a true record of the meeting.

Cllr Charmaine Morgan wanted to clarify the opening hours of the Parlour and the publication of the latter. An amendment was agreed and a policy document to be written by the Mayor regarding expenses with a two week deadline for comments and then bought to the next meeting.

4. Matters Arising


5. Future of Grantham

Mayor gave his views that the infrastructure was insufficient and a proper survey should be conducted; developmental phasing for the area to be introduced and jobs given to local contractors. Youth/Community centres, car parking, new shopping centres, transport, Policing and community care discussed.

A statement to be put together and sent to the Growth Committee which will be heard and minuted.

6. Any Other Business

Mayor’s Charity Account

Suggest the Deputy Mayor’s signature to be added to the account, to give three signatories.


Past Mayor/Mayoress/Consort badges discussed. SKDC Finance Dept to be approached and asked for a grant for the badges (a specific item) out of reserves.

Charter Trustee sashes discussed. Ribbons preferred.

Pay rise for staff

Government currently proposing scrapping the cap of 1% increase, will be debated at the next meeting.

Walton Girls School

Boys to be admitted into school from 2018, however there soon will be a shortage of school places within Grantham.

Charmaine to write a brief letter on behalf of the Charter Trustees.

Boston Hospital

Boston Hospital no longer paying staff overtime which may have consequences for Grantham Hospital.

7. Date of Next Meeting

To be announced

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