Charter Trustees Meeting – 31st May, 2018


Meeting Thursday, 31st May 2018 (Mayor Making Ceremony)

Members present
Councillor     Mike Cook
“                   Lynda Coutts
“                   Nicola Manterfield
“                   Felicity Cunningham
“                   Jackie Smith
“                   Ian Selby
“                   Adam Stokes
“                   Linda Wootten
“                   Ray Wootten

Councillor Graham Jeal
“ Frank Turner

The proceedings commenced with a Blessing from Father Stuart Craddock

1. To elect the new Town Mayor

The Chairman asked for the nominations for the post of Mayor. Cllr. J Smith proposed Cllr. Lynda Coutts and the proposal was seconded by Cllr. F Cunningham.


There were no other nominations and the Charter Trustees unanimously agreed with the nomination of Cllr. Lynda Coutts


Then followed Cllr. Jackie Smith’s nomination speech: There was no-one against the nomination and the vote was carried.

As is tradition the newly appointed Mayor was dragged from the Chamber by Cllr. J Smith and was assisted by Cllr F Cunningham who dragged L Coutts to the Robing Room..

The Chairman then told the story to the assembled guests of why the new Mayor is reluctantly dragged to the Robing Room. Whilst awaiting for the return of the newly appointed Mayor Mike Cook gave thanks and praise to the cadets whom he said you could always rely on.

2. Return to Chamber

After returning to the Chamber and being presented with the Chain of Office & the Grantham Seal by the Chairman the new Mayor gave a speech:

There was a vote of thanks by Ian Selby for our retiring Mayor who has worked honestly and tirelessly over the last year.

Cllr Ian Selby gave a vote of thanks to Cllr Mike Cook after completing his term as Mayor after recovering from a grave illness, he also thanked Midge Cook for all of her help and support.  He also stated that Mayor Lynda Coutts would bring a breath of fresh air to the Parlour and wished her well.  Mayor Lynda Coutts said she was very much looking forward to the challenge and looked forward to the year ahead.


3. Retiring Mayor’s Reply

Cllr. Mike Cook gave his retiring speech stating that it had been a pleasure and great honour to serve as Mayor of Grantham and wished Lynda Coutts well for the following year.

4. Presentation of Past Mayor’s Badges

Cllr. Lynda Coutts presented the ‘Past Mayor’s’ badge to the retiring Mayor, Mike Cook. Flowers were also presented to Midge Cook and gift given to the Past Mayor, Mike Cook.

5.  New Deputy Town Mayor

Mayor Lynda Coutts asked for nominations for the post of Deputy Mayor. Cllr. Ray Wootten congratulated the new Mayor on her appointment and nominated Cllr Nicola Manterfield as the new Deputy Mayor.  This was then seconded by Cllr. Linda Wootten.

There were no other nominations.

Cllr. Nicola Manterfield will now be the new Deputy Mayor & was presented with her badge of office by the new Mayor Lynda Coutts.

6. Deputy Town Mayor’s Thanks

Deputy Mayor, Cllr. Nicola Manterfield then thanked the Charter Trustees for voting for her and hopes that she does the job well.

7. Introduction of New Cadets

Cllr Mike Cook presented the Past Cadets with Plaques and Badges in thanks for all of their help.

Kings School (CCF) Cpl Aaron Trevor

Police Cadet Poppy Thorpe

The Mayor’s Officer, Andrew Thompson then introduced the new Cadets who will be carrying on from Poppy and Aaron.


Flt Sergeant Isaac Leach

CCF Cadet Jack Taylor

Police Cadet Max Wragg

The minutes of the meeting for the last AGM on Thursday, 25th May 2017 were question by Cllr Adam Stokes as there were Councillors names missing i.e., Cllr.. and incorrect spelling of names.  Ellen Thompson stated that unfortunately she was not working in the Parlour a year ago but noted what was said.

The meeting closed with a blessing.

8. Date of next AGM/Mayor Making Ceremony

Thursday, 30th May 2018

10. End of Meeting

The meeting closed at 7.30pm

Cllr. Lynda Coutts thanked all for attending and invited everyone over to join her in the Ballroom at the Guildhall for a buffet and drinks..

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