Charter Trustees Meeting – 2nd May 2018

Grantham Charter Trustees

         Trustees Meeting – 2nd May 2018 – 7pmAgenda


• Mike Cook, Lynda Coutts, Linda Wootten, Ray Wootten, Adam Stokes, Jackie Smith

• Nikki Manterfield, Ian Selby, Frank Turner, Felicity Cunningham, and Graham Jeal


Charmaine Morgan

• Minutes from Last Meeting

• Approval of said Minutes

• Staff

• Openness/Transparency/Accountability

• Accounts

• General Data Protection Regulations

• Process

• Diary of Events


1. Minutes from Last Meeting

The Mayor Mike Cook asked if there were any comments to add from previous meeting on 5th February 2018.  There were no comments.

(DeepingDo note… In response to this, I asked for a copy of the minutes of 5th February and received the following response: “The document mentioned at the meeting on 2nd May 2018 was an Agenda as a member of staff was leaving.  The meeting on the 5th February 2018 did not go ahead.”)

2. Approval  of  Minutes

Minutes approved.

3. Staff/Openness/Transparency/Accountability/ Accounts and Diary of Events

Cllrs L Wootten, R Wootten, G Jeal, Adam Stokes and Nikki Manterfield did not agree with the process of taking on Ellen Thompson as Clerk to the Mayor and Trustees.     They felt that they had had no updates or information on Ellen Thompson being interviewed or taken on although NM stated that interviews were not really in her realm of tasks.  They also said that they were not informed with regards to <Name redacted by DeepingDo> leaving so quickly or why she had left.  Cllr R Wootten questioned the selection process. Mike Cook said that certain trustees were informed and an e-mail sent out but it was stated by certain people that this wasn’t received.  MC said he thought that it had been sent out and apologised if it had not been received, but also that he had to think quickly on his feet as to replacing <Name redacted by DeepingDo> as she was leaving virtually with immediate effect.  One person put in a query which was AS and MC did reply to let him know the situation.  Andy Thompson took over the role for a short while but this was not a placement that he would have wanted to do on a permanent basis.  He then took over as Mayor’s Officer but would not be able to cover the office and do the driving.  As a result Ellen Thompson was taken on as an emergency basis so that the Parlour could still run. Cllr R Wootten and Cllr Adam Stokes both said that they did not receive an e-mail informing them of what was happening.  Cllr N Manterfield stated that she had heard about Ellen Thompson as a result of being told by a member of staff of the SKDC.  Cllr G Jeal asked if the processing issues are written down.  Mayor Mike Cook stated that they were not.  NM also stated that she had sent an e-mail requesting an update as to what was happening but received no reply.

MC asked GJ regarding Openness/Transparency and Accountability.  GJ stated that it followed on from the above.  He also asked if there was any process procedures and that he had previously mentioned to 3 Mayor’s before.  GJ also mentioned that he agreed that there should be more direct communication and not just e-mails.  He also asked if the processes could be written down.  GJ also stated that all of the previous Mayors have also faced most of the same problems and that it was not a political issue.  Cllr Frank Turner stated that it would cause an issue trying to put out a document when there are 15 trustees and that it was down to the Mayor who is in charge to decide and that there should no more than 5 or 6 processes.

Cllr Ian Selby asked that it be noted that a week or 2 ago he raised issues with MC and that he saw MC, raised his issues and was fairly dealt with and thanked the Mayor, Mike Cook.

It was also stated that there should be a document which explains the duties of being a Mayor i.e., Charter of a Mayor.

GJ asked how often can you see the accounts.  MC said that the accounts can be seen when required, and that they could either ring or call into see them.  It was said by LW that they had not seen the end of year accounts.  MC stated that they were with the Auditor and as soon as they were available the Trustees  would receive a copy.   GJ also mentioned with regards to being sent copies of the accounts ie., should it be monthly (or is this too often) or maybe quarterly.  GJ also mentioned that the Charter Trustees are legally bound by the public to know what happens to the monies and where it goes.

MC suggested that the Charter of Trustees be disbanded as they do not always attend meetings and had very little backing from them.  When asked how many went to Bikers Egg Run and St Georges Day Parade there were less than a hand full of  people answered.  GJ agreed that there should be more support from the Trustees.

RW said that there was a Constitution drawn up by Allan Parkin and that he would require a copy.

NM Stated that a document would be helpful for who does what and what they are expected to do.  She also stated that she is trying to juggled her job and family and does not get enough notice of forthcoming events, but does her best to attend.  Cllr J Smith asked NM why didn’t she ask someone.  Cllr L Wooten said that she had heard NM ask before.  Mayor Mike Cook stated that he was always willing to help with any problems or questions that needed to be dealt with.

LW stated that we  received 2 fines because the accounts were late.  AS stated that he knew nothing about any fines.  AS also stated that the accounts did not go out quarterly.  LW said that accounts were never on time because of Dawn.  Ellen Thompson stated that we have to forget the past now and move into the future.  ET also stated that there was going to be a meeting with the Accountant Colin on Friday 18th May 2018 at 9am when we will be looking to set up the accounts, hopefully on one sheet and that this will simplify matters for both myself and others.  FT stated that you can see the accounts anytime.  JS also said that we should wait until the new Mayor has settle in.  NM said that she hoped then we would move forward. LW stated that meetings should be advertised on the Parlour door.

It was agreed by the Trustees to set up online banking and Ellen Thompson to be a signatory.

4. Data Protection

It was suggested that people who are on our database be contacted and asked if they would like to remain on the database and also as to whether their details need updating.  The Data Protection Information will become law and will have to be adhered to by 25th January 2018.  It was asked if we hold other peoples information and if would could find out and get this matter sorted out.  Asked if we could SKDC if it could go under their Licence.


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